A Rapid Growth Region Southeast Asia

Touted as “A region on the rise”, Southeast Asia has an average annual economic growth rate of more than five percent. Its eleven countries have a combined gross domestic product (GDP) of $1.9 trillion; a population of almost 600 million people; and an average per-capita income nearly equal to China’s, according to an article published by the International Economic Bulletin.

The Region Is Bucking The Aging Demographic Trend

By 2020, almost half of Southeast Asia’s population will be below 30 years of age, providing an ongoing and steady stream of talent that will grow in experience and maturity each year.

The ASEAN Economic Community (AEC)

Designed to increase the community’s global competitiveness, the AEC member nations will benefit from the removal of trade and investment barriers and increase intra-ASEAN trade. First conceptualized for launch in 2020, the roadmap for implementation of the AEC has been accelerated, heralding a new era of enhanced trade relations within the region.

Rapid growth in Southeast Asian countries offers superb business opportunities for corporations. Continual economic expansion and a growing middle class are some of the main factors driving this momentum, which could explain why nine of the ten fastest growing mega cities in the world are in Asia.

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